About Us

-  O U R  S T O R Y  -

Where It All Began

Snorkiez was founded in 2020 during the Coronavirus pandemic.  As we lost our pubs, clubs, festivals and almost everything that brought us any joy, we wanted to do our part by bringing a bit of excitement back by introducing our beer snorkels, the #1 Drinking Accessory, to the UK.

Quality at the forefront

Our beer snorkels and adapters are built to the highest standards to ensure that the party never ends.  Made from food grade silicone and stainless steel they have been thoroughly tested to guarantee that you will be the life of the party for years to come.

Community comes first

Our customers are more than just that.  They are part of our community.  We pride ourselves on our customer service and strive to provide reliable and efficient support to our whole community.  Our team are available to contact 24/7 and aim to respond within a few hours.

-  O U R  P R O D U C T  -

The #1 Drinking Accessory you need right now to get the party started because...

Imagine you turn up to a party or pre-drinks and the atmosphere is dead. Imagine the awkward silence between your friends or the group of strangers whilst sipping on your drink so you don't look so awkward. Just imagine the change of buzz and curious looks you get when you bring a few Snorkiez beer snorkels out.

Snorkiez brings out:

◾ The one friend that is easily peer pressured
◾ The sensible one that doesn't drink but will never back down from a challenge
◾ The one who once they get started, they don't stop
◾ The one friend that livens up after a few cans
◾ The one family member who just has to be the show off

    Just imagine the party now.



    -  O U R  M I S S I O N  -

    Snorkiez was founded with the mission of being the life of the party.  Our goal is to ensure that no matter what the circumstances, we kickstart the party and keep the good times rolling.



    -  O U R  S O C I A L S  -

    Snorkiez is more than just a drinking accessory, we are a community of like minded individual's who are:

    Here for a good time.
    Not a long time.

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